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Melissa Snell

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Some News

Saturday May 31, 2014

This weekend, there's news of bones, castle excavations, manuscript treasure, and more bones.

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Charles the Bald

Saturday May 31, 2014

He was the grandson of Charlemagne and the youngest son of Louis the Pious, and when he was born to his father's second wife, trouble started brewing. He would become King of the Franks and, later, Emperor. He was Emperor Charles II, known to history as Charles the Bald.

Church, Mosque, Museum ... Mosque?

Saturday May 31, 2014
The magnificent Hagia Sophia cathedral spent several centuries as a mosque before being turned into the museum it is today. Now there's a fairly strong movement among Turkish Muslims to turn the building back into a mosque. Get a little history about the extraordinary building and where it stands today.

Edward, the Black Prince

Friday May 30, 2014

The eldest son of Edward III was a renowned military commander and was considered a chivalrous knight. However, he was not quite so successful in governing Aquitaine. And, sadly, he would not live to become king. Find out more about Edward, the Black Prince.

The image is from from Cassell's History of England - Century Edition, published c. 1902. It is in the public domain.

News Roundup

Wednesday May 28, 2014

This week there are several archaeological discoveries, including another vampire burial, and the opportunity to smell like a Viking. Assuming you'd want to.

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Augustine of Hippo

Wednesday May 28, 2014

By fusing classical philosophy and Christian doctrine in his many writings, Augustine set forth ideas that would profoundly influence medieval thought. A bishop, a saint, and a Doctor of the Church, he is undoubtedly one of the most significant figures of the Middle Ages.

The image is from The Hundred Greatest Men, published by D. Appleton & Company, 1885. It is in the public domain.

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New Quiz: Medieval Terms II

Friday May 16, 2014
How well do you know your medieval terminology? If you've visited our glossary, you may know it pretty well. So test yourself in our new Medieval Terms Quiz, or try our first medieval terms quiz. And if you like quizzes, check out what other medieval history quizzes are here at the Medieval History site!

In the News

Wednesday May 7, 2014

This week, just a few items about treasure and science.

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Emperor Phocas

Wednesday April 30, 2014

History is written by the victors, which is one reason why Phocas has had such a bad reputation through the centuries. After overthrowing Emperor Maurice, Phocas faced a plethora of challenges, and he would not conquer them all. Perhaps it was a matter of inexperience, or maybe he really was a jerk. But you can probably guess his ending.

Or maybe you can't, 'cause it was fairly, um... Well, find out for yourself in Emperor Phocas' Who's Who Profile.

Emperor Maurice

Sunday April 27, 2014

Maurice is credited with helping to create an organized, well-run Byzantine Empire, and he was a notable military leader. When he succeeded Tiberius II to the throne, he discovered that the empire was in a bad financial situation. So he raised taxes -- which, as you can imagine, did nothing to engender warm, fuzzy feelings from the people. Lots of rulers are disliked for their parsimony, but Maurice's reputation for miserliness would prove catastrophic for him.

Find out more about Emperor Maurice in his Who's Who Profile.

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