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"Thunderstones" deliberately placed in Viking graves

By August 11, 2010

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Known  as "thunderstones" and made from flint and other fire-starting rock, mysterious stones shaped like axe heads have often been found in Viking-age graves. Because they dated back thousands of years, they were once believed to be random artifacts, possibly mixed in with newer gravesites by accident. Now archaeologists theorize that these stones were treasured items that were deliberately placed in graves for the departed to take into the next life.

Find out more about these intriguing artifacts in the article by Kate Ravilious at National Geographic News.

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August 12, 2010 at 9:36 am
(1) tarheelchief says:

If the flint was used to start fires,or used as axe heads,it really doesn’t matter for if something is essential in life,it is often put in tombs.Wives,servants,food,drink,pets,games,and valuable items are kept aside and placate the dead who will otherwise appear in your dreams with cardboard signs which read:
I lost my hammer.
It’s a shame we think you cannot take it with you.After all most people have peculiar desires.One of my best friend’s father buried his shoes,just in case you could walk around.

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