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King Arthur
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The legend of King Arthur was an important cultural influence on high medieval society. These directories offer sites that explore the literary Arthur and his associates, the Grail legend, Arthurian symbolism and more about Arthurian literature. There is also a directory of sites that investigate the possible historical origins of the myth.

The Truth of Arthur
Was he a real historical figure or just a myth? Can we ever know?

The Historical King Arthur
A multi-page index of sites searching for historical figures on whom the legend may be based.

Arthurian Studies
Sites and megasites that offer general overviews and introductions to Arthurian literary studies.

Arthurian Bibliographies & Reading Lists
Suggested reading, useful primary sources and bibliographies concerning Arthurian fact and legend.

General sites and critical essays that concentrate on this early hero and his evolving place in the Arthurian corpus.

Online Arthurian Texts
Sites that provide Arthurian literature online.

Professional Arthurian Resources
Journals, mailing lists and organizations dedicated to Arthurian studies.

Merlin in Arthurian Studies
Be he a prophet, wizard or counsellor, the character of Merlin was important in Arthurian legend. These links offer basic introductions and scholarly examinations of his role in the tales, as well as explorations of his possible historical origins.

Topics in Arthurian Studies
Merlin, women, Arthurian sites, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and other topics connected to Arthuriana.

The Holy Grail
Sites that deal with the significance of the Grail legend in Arthurian literature and medieval society.

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