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Middle English and Renaissance English
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After the Norman Conquest, the language spoken in England slowly evolved from Anglo-Saxon to "Middle English," a language more recognizable to modern English speakers. These sites offer introductions and reference for help with Middle English and the English spoken in Renaissance times.

Moving Towards Middle English
A very clear introduction to how Old English metamorphosed into early Middle English by Tim Morris includes a link to some comparative versions of the 23rd Psalm in different stages and dialects of Middle English. Part of a syllabus on his course on the History and Development of the English Language at UT Arlington.

Later Middle English
Another article by Tim Morris explores the evolution of Middle English from its Norse-influenced origins to its French-influenced outcome.

A Glossarial Database of Middle English
Use the database to search for any word in The Canterbury Tales and get citations for its usage in the text and analyses of its speech origin.

Proper Elizabethan Accents
A helpful collection of pages by John M. Vinopal at the Renaissance Faire site includes grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation drills, forms of address, and even some colorful curses.

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