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A Medieval Atlas

Cities and Towns





Miscellaneous Cities and Towns

Florentine Street Map
Click on any highlighted building of this city map of Florence to see a large, full-color photo of the building. Nicely done at the Galileo Project.

Lynn in the Fifteenth Century
Very nice clickable map at the Medieval English Towns sites provides extensive information on the various locations of medieval Lynn. Well done by Stephen Alsford.

Plan of Rome in the Middle Ages
Substantial JPEG (452K) from the 1923 Shepherd Atlas at the Perry-Castaneda Library, UT Austin, provides a street map of Rome through the Middle Ages but also includes some buildings from as late as the seventeenth century.


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About the Medieval Atlas
   The Medieval Atlas is a directory of maps, charts, geographic drawings and illustrations, illuminations, and other cartographic representations of the world in general, and the geography of Europe in particular, during the Middle Ages. Both historical maps and period or "antique" maps are included.
   The directory links to maps on the web as well as to maps right here at the Medieval History site. Many maps are in the public domain and may be downloaded and used freely; however, please check each individual page for copyright notices and any terms of use for the map it displays.
   For more about this atlas, return to the
Medieval Atlas main page.


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