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A Medieval Atlas

Maps by Topic

Barbarian Migrations in Late Antiquity
A shockwave plug-in and a little time is required to take advantage of this map's interactivity, but it's worth the wait. At the Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource.

Battle of Bosworth Field
Reconstructed map of Bosworth Field with positions of Henry Tudor's and Richard III's armies, online at Lara Eakins' Tudor England site.

Distribution of Cathedrals in England and Wales
Simple display of cathedral locations, at Britannia Internet Magazine.

Map of a Medieval Manor
From the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, a depiction of a typical manor layout, here at the Medieval History site.

Map of Medieval Universities
From the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, a map of universities in Britain and Europe founded in the Middle Ages, here at the Medieval History site.

Maps of the 100 Years' War
Fourteen .gifs show the status of France at various dates from 1337 to 1450. Provided by Dr. E. L. Knox.

Maps of Joan's Journeys
Collection of animated maps at the International Joan of Arc Society, each with accompanying background info, following the travels of Joan from her home town, through her military expeditions to her death at Rouen. 

Map of Roman Suburbicarian (Cardinal) Bishoprics about the 12th Century
From the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, a map of bishoprics in Italy in the 12th century or so, here at the Medieval History site.

The Spread of the Black Death through Europe
This feature by your Guide offers a collection of maps depicting the course the plague took through Europe in the mid-fourteenth century.

Suggested Viking Routes
Colorful map displays possible routes from the eighth through the eleventh centuries, at the Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource.



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 About the Medieval Atlas
   The Medieval Atlas is a directory of maps, charts, geographic drawings and illustrations, illuminations, and other cartographic representations of the world in general, and the geography of Europe in particular, during the Middle Ages. Both historical maps and period or "antique" maps are included.
   The directory links to maps on the web as well as to maps right here at the Medieval History site. Many maps are in the public domain and may be downloaded and used freely; however, please check each individual page for copyright notices and any terms of use for the map it displays.
   For more about this atlas, return to the
Medieval Atlas main page.

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