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Here are the first three email responses to our Back-in-Time Survey, in the order of their arrival. Thank you Michelle, Charles and Mark for your intriguing answers!

Michaelangelo I believe...that is the first name that came to mind...the second name that came to mind was Martin Luther...(just how was he in manner and speech..was he REALLY arrogant...was he really there to begin the christian faith anew for mankind?.what were his real driving motives?,........INSTEAD I chose to meet Michaelangelo/...one reason being he painted the Sistine Chapel.....I was there last summer in Italy, ....Rome......what an extrordinary Room it is....and to think he painted it two different times....within twenty years or so........I would ask him of his work and his life.....his passion for art....I would like to see him create it either in painting or sculpture.......How great were his talents......I wonder if he were with us today just what would he create.....?......Would he create abstract art...or the same kind of art.....could there be an artist around this world today with as great a talent who is creating only abstract instead of, for example, the human form?........I would like to try and sculp as he did.......to see his hands perform......many artists have beautiful hands.....I would like to walk the streets of his city then and see as it was then.


For those of you interested in the life and work of Michelangelo, a section on the artist can be found on our page of artist net links.

I do reenactment with the Living History Association so my first choice write now would be Williem Mashall (my spelling may be wrong) I would not mind an opertunity to see the Hospitalars in action. I would also setup a time capsel so I could have some examples of artifacts to add to my reenactment.

In Service
Charles Puffer

The Chronique Journal of Chivalry has some online excerpts concerning the life and times of William Marshal. And those of you interested in reenactment, be sure to check out our page of living history net links.

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Venerable Bede
One of the most fascinating dynamics of the middle ages is the rebirth of learning and knowledge after europe had become virtually illiterate. Those who kept the flame of knowledge alive during this dark time are owed a great debt by posterity. And it would be enlightening to explore the mind, motivations, backround, inspirations, vision of their time and what they felt the future would hold of great men of learning in the midst of the dark ages.

Mark Knight

For more about Bede, visit our page of net links on the saint. You may also be interested in your guide's feature, The Keepers of Knowledge.

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