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Test your knowledge of events that occurred
throughout the last two millennia.

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The questions in this quiz concern events that took place at some time in the last two thousand years. While most occurred in the Middle Ages, several fall outside the commonly-used span of the 6th through 16th centuries. However, those events that did not take place within the Middle Ages and Renaissance are still tied in some way to the period.

All answers are multiple-choice and consist of centuries, so you don't have to know the exact date of an event. Remember that the ordinal number for a century is one greater than the numeric date; that is, the 1900s were the 20th century, the 1800s were the 19th century, and so on. So if, for example, the event were the Norman Conquest (which occurred in 1066), the answer would be the eleventh century. Not every century is represented, and many will appear as answers two or three times.

There are twenty-five questions, which get a little more obscure as you go along. If you miss a question, you must return to the beginning of the quiz and answer the questions again if you want to keep playing. You can quit at any time by clicking "Exit Quiz" in the top frame. Any attempt to break out of the frame will take you back here.

To answer a question, simply click the radio button next to the response you think is best. Once you click the button, the quiz will immediately take you on to the next step; so be sure you've chosen the right button before you click!

If you make it all the way through the quiz, you can add your name to our list of Triumphant Time Travelers, which will appear at our next update.

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