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Portrait Gallery

Images of Individuals from Medieval and Renaissance History

Many of the portraits provided here were created centuries after the end of the Middle Ages. While some were based on period artwork, most were drawn from descriptions of the individual's physical appearance and may have been supplemented by the artist's imagination. Your Medieval History Guide can make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the artistic renderings.

All images are in the public domain and are free for your use unless expressly noted otherwise.


Alfred the Great

Abelard and Heloise (gallery of images)

Alaric (depiction of his burial)

Leon Battista Alberti (statue)

Albertus Magnus

Augustine of Hippo

The Venerable Bede (manuscript illumination)

Saint Benedict of Nursia (gallery)

Anne Boleyn

John Calvin

Charlemagne (gallery)

Christopher Columbus

Constantine (bust)

Nicolau Copernicus

Dante Alighieri

King Edward I of England

King Edward II of England

King Edward III of England

Edward, the Black Prince

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Queen Elizabeth I

Francis of Assisi

King Henry I of England

King Henry II of England

King Henry III of England

King Henry IV of England

King Henry V of England

King Henry VI of England

Hildegard of Bingen (gallery; includes manuscript art)

Joan of Arc

King John of England

Leonardo da Vinci

Martin Luther


Paracelsus (gallery)


Regiomontanus New!

Empress Theodora (gallery)

William Shakespeare

Vlad Dracula

Vlad Dracula Color Oil Painting

William the Conqueror 


Enjoy puzzles? Try your hand at Medieval People Concentration. Images from our gallery have been miniaturized to use in this memory game.

See also the Manuscript Image Gallery

If you would like to donate a public-domain, copyright-free image for use in this gallery, please contact Melissa Snell with the details at historymedren@aboutguide.com. And thanks!



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