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Medieval Gifts Online

Updated: 11/30/2002

Looking for the perfect gift for the history buff in your family? Want to get someone interested in the past? If you would like to share your passion for things medieval with a tasteful present, try some of the stops below. The companies in these pages offer online catalogs and listings with easy payment methods, and some sell their products directly online.

When purchasing on the internet with a credit card, always look for a secure server. Sites included here that do not offer a secure server do offer alternate methods of payment or alternate methods of transmitting credit card numbers.

Since inventory is constantly revolving and prices are subject to change, no prices will be quoted in these pages, although price ranges are given for some sites.


From coins and swords to objects of everyday life, authentic artifacts from the middle ages are a history buff's treasure trove, and a wonderful way to interest someone in the past of humankind. Due to their extreme age, medieval antiquities can be costly; yet some artifacts are surprisingly inexpensive. Whatever your price range, you can give someone a piece of the past.

Please note that even the legitimate trade of antiquities is considered by some to promote the illegal plundering of archaeological treasures. If you do not feel an antiquity is an appropriate gift, consider...

If an authentic 13th-century Claymore is out of your price range, it doesn't mean you can't bring the past alive with your gift. A reproduction sword can still be a thing of beauty, and strumming a reproduction harp is much less nerve-wracking than playing the real thing. And let's face it: very few of us can afford authentic period tapestries! You can also find high-quality clothing, jewelry, accessories, art, and other replicated medieval items.

Nothing can bring you back into history quite like music of the middle ages. Give someone the light-hearted strains of Renaissance-era instruments, joyous troubadour songs and dances, or hauntingly beautiful Gregorian chants.

The Personal Touch
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More Ideas
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