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Who's Who in Medieval History and the Renaissance

Thomas À Becket on the Web


Thomas Becket
Scott McLetchie's site includes a bibliography, texts concerning the murder, and a pictorial tour of Canterbury Cathedral. It also promises a chronology of events.


Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Thomas Becket
A fairly extensive bio by Herbert Thurston.

St. Thomas of Canterbury (1118-1170)
A very clear, concise overview of Becket's life and death at the Catholic Information Network.

The Story Behind Thomas à Becket
Nice effort by P.E.Blanche is highlighted by interior photos of Canterbury Cathedral.

The Murder

The Murder of Becket
A dramatic telling of Becket's death by Alfred Duggan

The Martyrdom
Nice effort by P.E.Blanche is highlighted by interior photos of Canterbury Cathedral.

Primary Sources

Edward Grim: The Murder of Thomas Becket
Edward Grim was a monk who evidently witnessed Becket's murder and later became the saint's biographer. His account of the killing is translated by Dawn Marie Hayes and was placed online at the Medieval Sourcebook by Dr. Paul Halsall.

The Murder of Thomas Becket, 1170
A nicely-presented introduction at the Eyewitness site is followed by an excerpt from Edward Grim's account and includes two very nice period graphics.

Special Interest

What Happened to Thomas à Becket?
Photos and illustrations of Canterbury Cathedral highlight this three-page feature exploring the fate of Becket's tomb.
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