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Who's Who in Medieval History and the Renaissance

King Edward I of England




Great Britain

Known as "Longshanks" for his extraordinary height, Edward, son of King Henry III, was a strong-willed, militaristic king who succeeded in subduing Wales but failed to conquer Scotland. He made significant changes to feudal law, strengthening both the Crown and Parliament at the cost of the old nobility and gaining the appellation "the English Justinian" thereby.

Edward was succeeded by his less effectual son, Edward II.

Important Dates

Born: June 17, 1239
Crowned: Aug. 19, 1274
Died: July 7, 1307

Dynastic Table

Medieval & Renaissance Monarchs of England
Use this table to see the progression of Kings and Queens from Egbert of Wessex in the ninth century to Elizabeth I in the sixteenth. Hyperlinks lead to entries in Who's Who.


King Edward I of England
This portrait from Cassell's History of England - Century Edition is free for your use. Part of the Medieval and Renaissance History Portrait Gallery here at this site.

On the Web


Edward I, King of England
Useful bio at History Bookshop.com.

Edward I, Longshanks (1272-1307 AD)
Substantive overview at Britannia Internet Magazine.

Edward I (r. 1272-1307)
Fairly substantial bio at the official website of the British Monarchy.

King Edward I: England's Warrior King
Substantive look at Edward and his military efforts, by Eric Niderost at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Edward's Reign

King Edward I: Invasion of Wales
Extensive examination of the campaign by Paul V. Walsh at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Welsh Castles of Edward I
An overview of Edward's successful castle-building scheme at the Castles of Wales site.

In Print

Edward I in Print

On Video

The links below will take you to a site where you can compare prices at merchants across the web. More in-depth info about the DVD or VHS may be found by clicking on to the item's page at one of the online merchants.

Mel Gibson directed and starred in this Academy Award-winner about Scottish hero William Wallace. Although considerable artistic license is taken, the film beautifully captures the atmosphere of 13th-century Britain. Also, Patrick McGoohan's performance as Edward is not to be missed.

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