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Medieval Castles - Palaces - Fortresses in Medieval Times
The Castle was the ultimate status symbol for medieval lords. It was a home, a fortress, an outpost, and a safe place for everyone to take refuge in times of ...
Top Picks in Books about Castles - Medieval History - About.com
These books offer background history of castle evolution, architectural explorations, info about life in castles, how they were built and used for defense, and ...
Medieval Clip Art - Castles - Medieval History - About.com
It isn't based on any particular castle, but castles with similar towers and rooftops were built during the late Middle Ages. The full-sized version of this graphic is ...
Germany - The Castle Road - Map and Travel Information
Germany's Castle Road is a great way to see Germany's medieval castles. Our map will get you to all the major sites on the Castle Road.
Neuschwanstein Castle Travel Planner - Europe Travel - About.com
Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most popular destinations in Europe, is located in the German State of Bavaria close to the Germany's border with Austria , ...
Puglia Castles - Where to See Castles in Puglia
Puglia is home to numerous castles (castelli in Italian), throwbacks to battles of yesteryear. The castles and medieval fortresses in Puglia date from as early as ...
Guide to the Castle Road in Germany - Germany Travel - About.com
If you want to see as many castles as possible in the least amount of time, take a ride on the Castle Road, one of Germany's Scenic Drives. This themed route is ...
Hohenschwangau Castle - Why not Stay in Hohenschwangau when ...
The virtures of staying in Hohenschwangau instead of a larger village like Fussen when vising the king's castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.
Germany's Castles - Information on Castles in Germany
Find in depth profiles of German castles and palaces here; read interesting historical facts and get useful information that will make your trip through Germany's ...
Karlstejn Castle Near Prague - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
The 14th century castle was originally built as a treasury to hold the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. Building was initiated by Charles IV, and like most ...
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