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Defining the Knight - Medieval History - About.com
Definition of Medieval knights, their armor, roles, and duties.
Introducing Knight Life - Medieval History - About.com
Introducing a semi-regular feature about the medieval knight.
The Knights Templar: Warrior Monks - Medieval History - About.com
The Knights Templar Were Also Known As: Templars, Templar Knights, Poor Knights of Solomon's Temple, Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, ...
Knight Life Table of Contents - Medieval History - About.com
An index to the issues of Knight Life, our series about the daily life of the medieval knight.
The Knights Templar and the Holy Grail - Agnosticism / Atheism
... at the Council of Troyes, France. The Knights Templar became one of the most famous and powerful of all the monastic military orders during the Crusading era.
The Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem - Medieval History
The Hospitallers were a monastic brotherhood of knights who both tended to ill and injured pilgrims and took up arms to protect them on their way to the Holy ...
Knights of Labor Definition and History - 19th Century History
Definition and history of the Knights of Labor, the first major American labor union , formed in secrecy in Philadelphia in 1869.
Top 8 Books About the History of the Kights Templar - Medieval History
Your Guide's choices for the best books that offer factual historical information about the Templar Knights, the warrior monks of the Crusades.
Knight Life 2 - The Origins of Knighthood in Europe - Medieval History
The medieval knight was not the first man ever to hold special status for his job as a horse-mounted soldier. In Ancient Rome, the equites (mounted officers) held ...
The Knights Hospitaller - Medieval History - About.com
These sites look at the History and origins of the Knights of Saint John, also known as the Hospitallers, the Knights of Rhodes and the Knights of Malta.
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