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Articles related to medieval cities

Medieval Atlas - Cities and Towns - Medieval Town and CityMaps
An index of maps that focus on individual cities and towns in the Middle Ages.
Medieval Atlas - Maps of Constantinople - Byzantine Capital City in ...
A selection of maps depicting Constantinople in Medieval times.
Medieval Europe - European Cities - Regions - Nations of Europe in ...
Look here for information on various regions within Europe as well as continental European history. You'll also find information on people, cities, and events of ...
Medieval Walled Cities - Best Walls to Walk in Europe
Guide to European walled cities, best medieval walled cities in Europe to visit and walk on.
Medieval Atlas - Map of Medieval Paris - Medieval History - About.com
A map of Paris in the Middle Ages.: maps of paris medieval paris atlas of europe paris map city maps.
Medieval Atlas - Maps by Place Name - Alphabetical List
An alphabetical index of medieval places depicted on available maps.
Medieval Towers in Italy - How the Towers Came to be Built
How the medieval towers came to be and where you can see them. ... The popular communes divided cities into administrative districts, and some of these have ...
Fresh Meat and Fish in the Middle Ages, Page Two - Medieval History
In most medieval towns and cities, the selling of bad food was neither common nor acceptable. Butchers who sold (or tried to sell) old meat would face severe ...
The City of Acre -The significance of Acre in medieval history
The modern city of Akko (or 'Akko, 'Akka or Akka) in northwestern Israel was known to medieval Europeans as Acre. Control of the city changed hands rather  ...
Medieval Atlas - Maps of Italy - Medieval Italian History in Maps
You can find related materials about the history of medieval Italy in the Medieval ... Click on any highlighted building of this city map of Florence to see a large, ...
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