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Medieval Clothing and Fabrics - What People Wore in the Middle Ages
In medieval times, as today, both fashion and necessity dictated what people wore. And both fashion and necessity, in addition to cultural tradition and available ...
Medieval Clothing and Fabrics - Garments in the Middle Ages
These sites offer information about clothing styles and fabrics, shoes and accessories, manufacturing methods, embroidery, and the types of clothing worn by ...
Medieval Clothing Styles by Region and Period - Medieval History
Medieval clothing varied according to the time frame as well as the region. ... Thanks to Constantinople's standing as a center of trade, luxurious fabrics like silk ...
Wool - Medieval History - About.com
The sources of wool, types of wool, and uses of wool in medieval Europe. ... Daily Life and Social History in the Middle Ages · Medieval Clothing and Fabrics ...
What Peasants and Laborers Wore in the Middle ... - Medieval History
... accessories and everyday clothes for members of the medieval working ... Daily Life and Social History in the Middle Ages · Medieval Clothing and Fabrics  ...
Medieval (Middle Ages) Silk Production and Trade - Medieval History
Daily Life and Social History in the Middle Ages · Medieval Clothing and Fabrics ... Silk was the most luxurious fabric available to medieval Europeans, and it ...
Medieval Sumptuary Laws - Medieval History - About.com
The medieval world wasn't all drab clothing, flavorless food, and dark, drafty ... for the lower classes to acquire what was usually more costly clothing and fabrics.
Medieval Underpants - Braies and the Mystery of Women's Underwear
Medieval men's underpants were fairly loose drawers known as braies, breeks, or breeches. Varying in length ... Recommends. Medieval Clothing and Fabrics ...
Medieval Underwear: What Medieval People Wore under their Clothes
What men and women wore under their clothing in the Middle Ages. ... Our Expert Recommends. Medieval Clothing and Fabrics ...
Clothing of Late Antiquity - Medieval History - About.com
Fabrics and styles of clothing worn in early Europe.
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