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Medieval Economics - Coins - Monetary Systems - Trade and ...
Sites that offer information on coins, monetary systems, trade and commerce in medieval times.
Medieval - Origin and Definition of the Term - Medieval History
Medieval historians of the 20th century recognized some seminal developments in legal history, technology, economics, and education that took place during ...
Manor Definition and Significance in the Middle Ages
The medieval manor was an agricultural estate, and more. ... In the overwhelmingly agricultural economy of the Middle Ages, manors were the backbone of ...
Trade and Economy in Ancient China - Ancient/Classical History
In early years, by the time of Confucius, Chinese people traded salt, iron, fish, cattle, and silk. To facilitate trade, the First Emperor instituted a uniform weights ...
The Early and High Middle Ages - Medieval History
The Middle Ages are often broken into three sub-eras: Early, High, and Late ... By the end of the thirteenth century, Europe was at an economic and cultural ...
Medieval Daily Life - Social History in the Middle Ages
8 Subcategories in Medieval Daily Life - Social History in the Middle Ages ... Games and Pastimes (10); Medieval Children (14); Medieval Economics (6) ...
Chains - Slavery in the Middle Ages - Medieval History - About.com
When ancient society evolved into medieval society, slavery didn't disappear. ... which had been such an integral part of the empire's economy, began to be ...
Mali - Splendor in Medieval Africa - Medieval History - About.com
A brief introduction to the medieval kingdom of Mali and the splendid African ... This intriguing blend of economic wealth, cultural diversity, artistic endeavors and  ...
Wool - The Common Cloth of the Middle Ages - Medieval History
The sources of wool, types of wool, and uses of wool in medieval Europe. ... wool supply, which gave it a strong advantage in the international economy.
Swahili Economy - About Archaeology
The Swahili economy was primarily but not exclusively based on international trade. ... Lifestyles of the Medieval Swahili Coast. By K. Kris Hirst · Archaeology ...
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