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Medieval Economics - Coins - Monetary Systems - Trade and ...
Sites that offer information on coins, monetary systems, trade and commerce in medieval times.
Medieval - Origin and Definition of the Term - Medieval History
Medieval historians of the 20th century recognized some seminal developments in legal history, technology, economics, and education that took place during ...
Medieval Daily Life - Social History in the Middle Ages
Medieval History Categories ... Famine (19) · Medieval Games and Pastimes (10) · Medieval Children (14) · Medieval Economics (6) ... Top 7 Books about Daily Life in Medieval Times ... An irregular series about the life of the m...
Manor Definition and Significance in the Middle ... - Medieval History
The medieval manor was an agricultural estate, and more.
Tallage - Medieval History - About.com
In medieval Europe, tallage was a tax levied by a manorial lord on his unfree peasant tenants. ... Medieval Economics · Medieval Law and Legal History ...
Bill of Exchange - Economics - About.com
Bill of Exchange Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Bill of Exchange.
Viking Economics - The Economic System of The Vikings
Over the 250 years of the period called the Viking Age, the economics of the people ... 2008 Detecting the medieval cod trade: a new method and first results.
Swahili Economy - Archaeology - About.com
Swahili Economy - Trading Networks on the Swahili Coast. Lifestyles of the Medieval Swahili Coast. By K. Kris Hirst · Archaeology Expert. Share this ...
Spain - Historical Setting - Castile and Aragon - Medieval History
Online text of the History of Spain; public domain document that you may copy, download, print and distribute as you see fit. Page Five: Castile and Aragon.
Viking Trading and Exchange Networks - Economics of the Norse
Viking Trading and Exchange Networks - Economics of the Norse. Exchange ... 2008 Detecting the medieval cod trade: a new method and first results. Journal of  ...
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