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Archery in Medieval Times

Hundred Years' War: English Longbow
Thorough introduction to the weapon that helped the English win some key battles in the Hundred Years War, by About.com Guide to Medieval History, Kennedy Hickman.

Concerning the Archery of al-Islam
From Cariadoc's Miscellany comes this article about the use and construction of bows. Written "in personna," it offers colorful insight into Islamic culture.

The Crossbow
A collection of articles by Brian Jones on the history of the weapon, including a chronology, a diagram, and a bibliography of print resources.

The Longbow
More articles by Brian Jones, including construction manuals, a glossery of terms and a feature on English longbowmen.

The Stonebow in the Medieval and Victorian Periods
Another group of articles by Brian Jones include background on the variation of the crossbow, a diagram, an image archive and terminology.

The Society of Archer-Antiquaries
The society aims to further the study of the development of the bow and arrow in all parts of the world from prehistoric times to the present day.

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