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Barbarians, Barbarian Tribes and Barbarian Kingdoms

These sites focus on early medieval Barbarian Kingdoms and leaders as well as Vikings, Magyars, Mongols and other aggressive cultures that made inroads into Christendom during the Middle Ages.
  1. The Mongols
  2. Vikings and Scandinavian...

Invasions and Distribution of the Barbarians
This excerpt from Robert F. Pennell's Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 A.D. (July, 1890) relates the movements of the Huns, the impact they had on other Barbarian tribes, and the reaction of the Romans. Provided online at the Ancient/Classical History site by N.S. Gill.

Alani - Division of the Sarmatians
This concise article from the 1911 Encyclopedia provides info on the Alani, the easternmost division of the Sarmatians.

The Alani were a nomadic, pastoral people who specialized in horse breeding.

The Avars were an early medieval people from central Asia.

The Gepidae
The Gepidae, or Gepids, successfully fought against the Huns.

The Lombards
The Lombards established a kingdom in Northern Italy.

The Ostrogoths played a significant role in early Medieval Italy.

Who the Visigothic peoples were.

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Franks
Extensive article on the origins and history of the Frankish peoples, by Godefroi Kurth.

Who the Saxons were, when and where they thrived, and what happened to them.

The Dark Age Web
Mark Furnival offers information on several Germanic tribes, as well as biographies of a few significant Barbarians.

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