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Medieval Battles, Wars and Conflicts

These sites look at individual battles, wars, and other conflicts that took place in the Middle Ages.
  1. The Crusades
  2. The Hundred Years War
  3. The Norman Conquest
  4. The Wars of the Roses

Battle of Bannockburn
An extensive examination of the greatest victory in the history of Scotland, by About Guide to Military History Kennedy Hickman.

Battle of Falkirk
A concise summary of the English king Edward I's victory over William Wallace and the Scots, by About Guide to Military History Kennedy Hickman.

Battle of Stirling Bridge
A clear explanation of William Wallace's stunning victory, by About Guide to Military History Kennedy Hickman.

The Battle of Tours: 732
Concise overview of Charles Martel's victory against the Muslims is accompanied by a useful map, at Northpark University's Medieval Chronology pages.

Two Descriptions of the Battle of Roncesvalles
These two brief period accounts have been placed online by Jeff Anderson for his course at Syracuse University.

The Battle of Maldon
Nice prose rendition of the battle as told in the famous poem is followed by an examination of what facts are and are not known about the historic event. Well done by Derek Punchard.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge
Extensive two-part article by historian Robert M. Gunn examines the events leading up to the battle as well as the battle itself, and also includes illuminating facts about William Wallace.

The Battle of Falkirk & the Execution of William Wallace
Three-part examination of the events surrounding the battle, the battle itself, and its aftermath by historian Robert M. Gunn.

Clearly written introduction by Ross Anderson at the MacBraveheart pages links to a map of the battlefield and a nice overview of the sequence of events.

Seige of Berwick & Battle of Halidon Hill
An account of this significant battle in Scotland's war for independence from England, well-written by Robert M. Gunn.

Wars of Scottish Independence: Battle of Bannockburn
Extensive examination of this significant battle by Eric Niderost at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

The Final Campaign of Prince Llywelyn
This thorough chronicle of events by Paul M. Remfry at the Castles of Wales site is enhanced by some very nice photos.

Mongol Invasions: Battle of Liegnitz
Extensive article by Erik Hildinger covers the Mongol incursion into Poland and Hungary in 1241. From Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Mongol Empire: Chormaquan and the Mongol Conquest of the Middle East
Fairly substantive explanation by Timothy M. May at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

The 1456 Siege of Belgrade
From Military History Magazine comes this comprehensive article by Tom R. Kovach.

Ottoman-Hungarian Wars: Siege of Belgrade in 1456
In-depth coverage of the event by Tom R. Kovach at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Extensive multipage article by Wes Ulm at the History Buff's Home Page offers information on the background of the conflict, the objectives of the armada, and its aftermath, as well as suggested reading.

Anglo-Scottish Wars: Battle of Pinkie Cleugh
Extensive article by Gervase Phillips examines the technological level of military art in Britain as well as the conflict itself, at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Irish Confederate Wars: Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland
Extensive overview by Basil P. Briguglio, Jr. of the rebellion in Ireland suppressed by Cromwell in 1649, at Military History magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

The Thirty-Years-War
An examination of the background, events and personalities of the war by Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College.

Thirty Years' War: Battle of Breitenfeld
Extensive look at the siege by Don Hollway at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

English Civil War
The personalities and events of the the seventeenth-century conflict are covered in 22 concise pages by Dr. E. L. Knox at Boise State University.

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