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Book and Manuscript Art

Alciato's Book of Emblems
Searchable online edition of the Emblematum liber in English and Latin, with illustrations and commentaries.

The Cary Collection: Medieval Manuscript Leaves
Wonderful samples with explanatory text from the Cary Graphic Arts Library and Digital Image Database.

Guardians of the Sacred World
A dozen Tibetan manuscript covers from the Rossi & Rossi exhibition are displayed. Click the graphic to go to a page with a larger version of the image and more information.

Gutenberg and Beyond...
This exhibit of rare books, manuscripts, and related items mainly concerns more modern pieces, but the medieval manuscripts are well worth a look.

The Infancy of Printing
This beautifully-produced exhibit at the Golda Meir Library provides historical background on manuscripts and the transition to printing and samples from sacred and secular texts.

Missionaries and mandarins
Very nice online exhibit of manuscript works brought to China from the west and those brought back in return, at the Vatican Library.

Printing: Renaissance and Reformation
Exhibition at the Thomas Cooper Library for History 101: European Civilization. The eight "islands" present selections of manuscript images, including some illuminations.

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