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The Book of Kells

This gloriously illustrated manuscript was created sometime in the eighth century on the Scottish Island of Iona and removed to Kells, Ireland, after a Viking raid. It is currently at Trinity College, Dublin.

The Book of Kells - Splendid Illuminated Manuscript of the Early Middle Ages
The Book of Kells is a stunningly beautiful manuscript from the early Middle Ages containing the Four Gospels. This introduction by your guide provides information about the origins and history of the book, its construction, and a modern reconstruction, and offers suggested reading.

Images from the Book of Kells
Public-domain images from the Book of Kells, free for your use, here at the Medieval History site.

The Book of Kells on CD ROM - Guide Review
Your Guide's introductory review of The Book of Kells on CD ROM, a priceless medieval manuscript on your computer screen.

Anything Anúna: Book of Kells
At his fan page for Anúna, CyberBill provides a five-page overview of the book and its history with several vivid images.

The Book of Kells CD-ROM
The facsimile produced in 1990 by Faksimile Verlag Luzern was used by X Communications to create a digital version of the complete manuscript, which you can buy online at this site.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Book of Kells
Very useful background on the likely origins and history of the book and its characteristics is provided in this article by Joseph Dunn.

Lincecum's Book of Kells Page
Reprint of Jerry B. Lincecum's 1990 article, which provides some background on the book's history and Austin College's acquisition of a facsimile, is accompanied by links to three large, vivid images.

The Magnificent Book of Kells
This University of New Brunswick website has info on the facsimile project as well as background on the original book. Includes modern interpretations of some of the book's famous artwork.

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