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Castles in Europe

These sites explore German, Italian, Slovene, and other castles and palaces throughout Europe.

The Alhambra: Splendid Moorish Fortress in Spain
This selection of images of the opulent fortress in Granada offers views of courtyards, gardens, and rich interior decor as well as of the buildings themselves.

Castel Sant'Angelo
Through the centuries this castle would serve as a fortress, a papal residence and a prison.

Castles in Germany
Each large thumbnail leads to a larger photograph and background information. Presented by Vic Freund of Centralia College.

Castles and Palaces of Portugal
A photo or two and a little background info for each of ten Portuguese castles, most built in the Middle Ages, is provided at this attractive site. Tour info for those fortunate enough to get to Portugal is also available.

Castles of Savoy
Photos and a little background on each of half a dozen castles in Savoy, at the Serveur Savoie.

The Castles of Tuscany
This delightful site provides photos and background history for dozens of castles. Also available in Italian.

Karlstejn Castle
Photos and brief description of the Czech castle and its history.

Ljubljana Castle
History and photographs of the Slovene castle by Mark Martinec.

The Medieval Fortifications of Germany
An extensive and informative site by Edward G. Kane with photos of numerous medieval German castles.

Mot's Castle Page
Extensive collection of pages on castles in the Netherlands includes background information and photos for each Dutch stronghold. Very nicely done by Marko Tjemmes.

Schloss Reichenstein
Tim Vogel offers photos and extensive information on the history and modern-day use of the German castle on one huge page. Upload can take several minutes.

The Alhambra - Fabulous Moorish Fortress in Spain
The Alhambra is an ancient palace and fortress of the Moorish monarchs of Granada, in southern Spain, occupying a hilly terrace on the south-eastern border of the city of Granada. This four-page article from the 1911 Encyclopedia offers historical background and descriptions of the fabulous buildings.

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