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Folded Pallium

A Common Successor to the Toga


Image adapted by your Guide from an illustration by Herbert Norris in Ancient European Costume and Fashion, 1924. It is in the Public Domain.
A Common Successor to the Toga

Square, folded pallium worn over a narrow-sleeved tunica and crepidae.

Public Domain
The pallium was a versatile garment that came to replace the toga for many Romans in Late Antiquity. In addition to its use as a cloak, the pallium could be used as a blanket or folded up and sat upon. The pallium was originally square in shape, but in later Antiquity it was sometimes woven in the form of a semicircle.

Here a square pallium has been folded two or three times into a wide strip and draped twice over the left shoulder. Underneath, the fellow wears a narrow-sleeved tunica, fairly common after the 3rd century, and on his feet are crepidae, a type of sandal that encloses the heel and the sides of the foot. One can imagine that he is ready to take off the pallium at any time to sit on it or drape it over himself for a nap.

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