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The Crusades began in the late eleventh century and lasted several hundred years. These directories offer sites that explore these religious wars in whole or in part and look at the individuals who fought them, the ideologies that drove them, and the cultural impact they had on Europe, the Holy Land and international relations.
  1. Atheism Resources
  2. The Knights Hospitaller
  3. The Knights Templar
  4. First Crusade (10)
  5. Later Crusades (9)
  6. People of the Crusades (14)
  7. Crusades Topics (4)

Crusades Basics
A simple introduction to Crusades history, offering a rundown of the basics of the significant religious wars of the Middle Ages.

Top Picks in General Crusades History Books
Books that focus on the Crusades in general, and are not limited to a single Crusade.

General Map for the Era of the Crusades
This public domain map from "The Public Schools Historical Atlas" of 1905 depicts the Balkans and Eastern Empire during the era of the Crusades. No dates given. Provided online here at the Medieval history site.

'The Crusades, Christianity and Islam' by Jonathan Riley-Smith
Your Guide's review of a thought-provoking book by one of our most renowned crusades historians.

Kingdom of Heaven Film Review
Your Guide's review of Ridley Scott's Crusades epic.

All About All Crusades
Highly informative site offers an extensive bibliography, an in-depth chronological overview, a segment on Crusader Castles and a large selection of very clear and attractive maps. Nicely done by Hans Doeleman.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Crusades
Extensive hyperlinked article by Louis Bréhier defines the Crusading movement and covers the origins and progress of the crusades through the fifteenth century and beyond.

Chronology of the Crusades
Helpful timeline at the SSCLE lists the most significant events from the first call to Crusade in 1095 to the fall of the Hospitallers in Malta.

The Crusades
Overview focusing primarily on the origins of the crusades, with a little info on later crusades, by Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College.

The Crusades
A clear, accessible, multi-page overview of each of the seven crusades is provided by Dr. E. L. Knox. Each includes supplemental resources for additional research.

The Crusades in the Levant (1097-1291)
This lucid overview by John Sloan at the Oriflamme Society examines the causes and effects of the Crusading movement, summarizes nine major crusades, and provides maps, an extensive chronology and a useful bibliography. Note: allow the page to load entirely before using the navigational menu.

A History of the Crusades
The complete six-volume text, published by the University of Wisconsin Press, is browsable and searchable at this site. Extremely useful resource.

The Holy Crusades
Very good general overview of the origins and progression of the Crusades by Steven Kreis at the History Guide.

Medieval Sourcebook: The Crusades
Extensive list of links to online primary texts, provided by Paul Halsall.

ORB Bibliography: The Crusades
Although this reading list claims not to be "exhaustive," it is certainly huge, and is divided into helpful topics. The page also includes a brief chronology. An excellent starting point for further studies.

ORB: Crusades
Eight chapters by Paul Crawford at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies include military and political background and crusader vows and privileges.

The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East is an organization of scholars interested in studying and understanding the crusade movement and its effects on society. Website has information on how to join and on the Society's Journal, Crusades.

Blaming the Crusades
Can the crusades be blamed on an individual? A reader's question elicits a response.

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