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Exploration, Expansion and Discovery in the Middle Ages

The Age of Discovery marks the end of the Middle Ages for some scholars, but there was also significant explorations and adventures made earlier by such explorers as Marco Polo and Leif Ericsson. These directories will help you find more information about Viking expansion, the silk road, early seafaring monks and more.
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  2. Early Explorations (4)
  3. Silk Road (8)
  4. The Age of Discovery (2)
  5. Viking Expansion

Discoverers Web
Pages of information on explorers and exploration throughout history are combined with a massive collection of links, all written and compiled by Andre Engels.

Discovery & Exploration Email List
A general list covering discovery and exploration throughout history. Web page has archives and subscription information, or send a message to majordomo@win.tue.nl with "subscribe discovery" in the message body.

Discovery and Exploration Maps
This database of maps at the Library of Congress is searchable or browsable by subject, creator, geographical location or title. Maps are primarily from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries.

The European Voyages of Exploration
Nicely done tutorial at the University of Calgary focuses primarily on Portuguese and Spanish expeditions in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 

The Frontier in Medieval History
Scholarly paper by Charles Julian Bishko attempts to define and examine the frontiers of medieval Europe. (Note: the University of Central Arkansas is no longer hosting this paper; it has been made avaiable through the Internet Archive.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Exploration and Expansion
Primary sources on western orientalism, maritime exploration, Columbus and other explorers, and more, provided by Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

The New World
From the University of Georgia's Rare Map Collection come seven images of maps of the New World from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

Society for the History of Discoveries
Formed to stimulate interest in teaching, research, and publishing the history of geographical exploration, the Society sponsors an annual essay contest and produces the journal Terrae Incognitae.

Studies in Medieval Spanish Frontier History
Extensive work by Charles Julian Bishko examines a variety of expansions, conquests and frontier situations in medieval Spain. Made available at LIBRO, the Library of Iberian Resources Online.

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