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Medieval France

These directories will help you find biographies of notable medieval French historical figures, French documents and artifacts of interest, and background on regions within France as well as general French history.
  1. French Documents (4)
  2. French Royalty (7)
  3. French People (22)
  4. French Places (9)
  5. French Topics (9)
  6. Castles in France
  7. The Hundred Years War
  8. The Hundred Years'

Bibliography: Late Medieval France
Helpful list of print resources concerning France in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, compiled by Dana L. Sample at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Franks
Extensive article on the origins and history of the Frankish peoples, by Godefroi Kurth.

The Frankish Empire
Overview of the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties includes links to helpful maps, images, and primary sources. Part of the First Europe Tutorial at The University of Calgary.

The French
Examination of French culture from its earliest roots to the Capetians by Richard Hooker. Part of his larger site on the European Middle Ages.

The Normans
Overview of the history of the Normans in France and England, with a focus on William the Conqueror, by Richard Hooker. Part of a larger site on the European Middle Ages.

Successors of Rome: Francia, 447-Present
This extensive overview by Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D includes numerous maps, tables and genealogical charts, all on one page. Please give this exceedingly large document time to load before using the hyperlinked table of contents.

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