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Medieval History Basics

The sites below include introductions to medieval history, general overviews of the Middle Ages, recommended reading, and other resources that will help you get started in learning about the medieval era.
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Defining the Middle Ages
When did the Middle Ages start and end? A look at some of the many different ways this much-misunderstood era is defined

The Medieval History Starter Quiz
You might be surprised at just how much you know about the Middle Ages. Test your general knowledge with this quick and easy quiz, and get an introduction to medieval history in the process.

Top Picks - General Histories of the Middle Ages
A general reference of the Middle Ages is a must-have for medieval history buffs and students alike. Each of these introductory works provides a sound starting point for what you need to know about this much-misunderstood time.

The Bad Old Days
A popular net hoax purports to provide facts about the Middle Ages that explain the origins of phrases and customs. Your Guide offers contrary evidence for your perusal.

Frequently Answered Questions
The question you have may already be answered. Stop here for information about this site as well as Medieval Studies in general.

Top 7 Daily Life Books
While the details of day-to-day existence varied substantially from place to place and century to century, a general understanding of the basic facts of medieval life can be gleaned from these useful and enjoyable books.

Top Picks in Realistic Medieval Films
Your Guide's choice of ten films that effectively blend realism and good storytelling in a medieval setting.

Top 10 Fun Medieval Films
Even the most serious medieval scholar can make fun of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Try some of these movies for an enjoyable trip into the pseudo-past.

Top Picks in Medieval Gift Books
There are few things a medieval history buff would like to receive more than an informative and attractive book about medieval times. Here are the books that I believe make the best gifts for anyone who loves the Middle Ages.

Top Picks in Medieval Gifts - Beyond Books
Every history lover enjoys books, but something different can make a very welcome gift. Here are your Guide's choices for the best gifts besides books for the medieval history buff.

Before You Buy Popular Histories
If you think you'd like to purchase a medieval history book aimed at the general reader, look here for things to consider before spending money.

A Medieval Miscellany by Judith Herrin
Your Guide's review of this fabulous medieval gift book.

Lectures in Medieval History
This series of friendly, easily-absorbed articles by Lynn H. Nelson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas, provides a lucid and substantial introduction to medieval Europe. Excellent.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
An astonishing collection of primary sources, translated into modern English, provided online by Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

The NetSERF Hypertext Medieval Glossary
Use this excellent resource by Beau Harbin to find the definition for any of 1400 medieval terms.

Welcome to the Middle Ages!
Brand new to the Middle Ages? Here's a brief introduction by your guide to Medieval History and the marvelous subjects it includes.

A Medieval Miscellany by Judith Herrin - Guide Review
Your Guide's introductory review of this fabulous medieval gift book.

Medieval History Book Discussion
A list of books to be discussed in 2006-2007, with publication information and links to help you find them online.

Buy Medieval-Themed Gifts
Some points to consider before buying a gift with a medieval connection.

Books that Hook
Books that can get someone interested in the Middle Ages.

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