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  1. Pimbley's Dictionary (26)

Heraldry How-To's
Familiarize yourself with these terms and guidelines in order to blazon a shield or visualize a design from its blazon. From your About.com Guide.

Origins and Early History of Heraldry
A look at the possible origins of this colorful art and the early history of heraldic usage.

Your Guide's Favorite Heraldry Books
Your Guide's favorite books on this colorful medieval subject.

Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry
First published in 1908, Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry remains a useful and accurate reference for heraldic terms. Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry is in the public domain, and you may copy, download, print and distribute the work as you see fit.

The Oxford Guide to Heraldry by Thomas Woodcock and John Martin Robinson
Your Guide's concise review of this excellent and comprehensive book about the origins, history, and rules of Heraldry.

Basic Heraldry Quiz
The complex art of Heraldry begins with some basic guidelines. Test your knowledge of Heraldry basics with these ten quick questions.

Heraldry Quiz II
A dragon is a dragon and a lion is a lion, but not all charges have such straightforward names. Can you define the charges in this quiz?

Heraldry Quiz III: Uncommon Heraldic Terms
If you've got the basic guidelines of Heraldry and common charges down, it's time to tease your brain with some less well-known terms. Look out -- this one's pretty tough!

The field on which a heraldic design is displayed has several parts, each with its own name.

Symbolisms of Heraldry - A Nineteenth-Century View of Heraldic Representations
These symbolisms were extracted from the 1898 publication, The Symbolisms of Heraldry or A Treatise on the Meanings and Derivations of Armorial Bearings, by W. Cecil Wade. The document is in the public domain, and you may copy, print, download or distribute it as you see fit.

The Art of Heraldry
A fine basic introduction by Lydia Leong, taken largely from Boutell's Heraldry, is aimed at gamers and is historically and technically accurate.

A Display of Heraldrie
John Guillim's 17th-century work is an early attempt to explain the rules and history of heraldry. The complete text is slowly but accurately being placed online by Paul Grant.

Elizabethan Heraldry
Several informative articles on English Heraldry during the reign of Elizabeth I, including introductory material, primary sources, a clearly-illustrated armorial and a "primer" of blazonry for beginners.

Free Heraldry Clipart
Thousands of very clear images you can use on your non-commercial heraldry projects. The thumbnails (which each lead to larger versions) are quick to load and easy to see, but be prepared to click through dozens of pages to find what you need.

Greek Heraldry Society
This organization aims to increase interest and awareness in the subject of Greek Heraldry. The website's blog offers interesting facts about Greek Heraldry in both English and Greek, accompanied by some helpful illustrations and period artwork.

Extensive site by François Velde provides information on a wide variety of heraldic topics with a particular influence on French heraldry and history. Very helpful.

Late Mediaeval Oaths for Kings of Arms, Heralds, and Pursuivants
Oaths of loyalty and service taken from the Black Book of the Admiralty and edited by Craig Levin; placed online at the Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournament Resource Library.

The rec.heraldry Frequently Asked Questions file
Enormously helpful list of queries and illuminating responses, clarifying many of the misconceptions about heraldry and coats of arms.

Heraldry on the Internet
Excellent starting point by James P. Wolf for researching all facets of Heraldry, including pages on Heraldic symbols, a Heraldic glossary, and useful introductory articles (see the bottom of the page) as well as numerous links.

A very readable and clearly illustrated introduction to the basics of heraldic design by James Grout at his Britannia site includes links to a glossary of terms and a page with images concerning rolls of arms. Nicely done.

Medieval Flags and Banners
Graphics and background information on flags used during the Middle Ages, presented by century or by shape, plus some articles reproduced online, by Donna Hrynkiw.

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