1. Education

The Holy Grail

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Holy Grail
Lightly hyperlinked, general overview of the legend by Arthur F. J. Remy concentrates on the literary evolution of the Grail theme.

The High History of the Holy Grail
The 1898 translation by Sebastian Evans of the unknown author's continuation of Chretien De Troyes' unfinished work "Perceval, or the Knight of the Grail," at the OMACL.

The Holy Grail at the Camelot Project
A concise introduction to the significance of the grail is followed by an extensive list of links to online texts and images.

An Introduction to Current Theories about The Holy Grail
Chris Thornborrow provides an overview of the various theories, traditional and avant garde, concerning exactly what the Holy Grail was supposed to be.

What is a Grail?
An examination of the possible meanings and etymology of "grail" and its significance in Arthurian literature by Dr. Linda Malcor, at the Chronique Library.

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