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The Hundred Years' War

The Hundred Years' War: An Overview
Substantial introduction to the extended conflict by About Guide to Military History Kennedy Hickman breaks the war down into easily-absorbed segments.

Who's Who in Medieval History: Joan of Arc
From your About.com Guide, a multilevel index of general sites, biographies, primary sources, and specialty sites concerned with the life and achievements of the Maid of Orléans. Print resources are also included.

Who's Who in Medieval History: King Edward III of England
A brief introduction to Edward and his life is followed by useful websites and print resources, from your About guide.

Hundred Years' War: Battle of Poitiers
An excellent summation of the battle and its aftermath, by About Guide to Military History Kennedy Hickman.

Bibliography of the Hundred Years War
Concise listing of useful sources for studying the war is provided at the ORB.

Final Phase (1422-1453)
Very informative resource focusing primarily on the last few decades of the war. Includes a timeline, map of France, and useful bibliography. Helpful effort by the Société de l'Oriflamme.

Hundred Years' War Timeline
Very brief chronology provided by Dr. E. L. Knox provides the key points in politics and warfare during the course of the lengthy war.

Hundred Years' War: Joan of Arc and the Siege of Orléans
Extensive examination of Joan, the siege and associated background, by Don O'Reilly at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Jean Froissart on the Hundred Years' War
Extracts describing various battles in the long war from the Chronicles of Jean Froissart, at Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook.

Maps of the 100 Years' War
Fourteen .gifs show the status of France at various dates from 1337 to 1450. Provided by Dr. E. L. Knox.

Maps of Joan's Journeys
Collection of animated maps at the International Joan of Arc Society, each with accompanying background info, following the travels of Joan from her home town, through her military expeditions to her death at Rouen.

Agincourt - Site of a Famous Military Victory
Agincourt is a village of northern France, the site of a famous victory, on the 25th of October 1415, of Henry V. of England over the French.

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