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The Aberdeen Bestiary
Each vivid image of more than 200 folios is accompanied by helpful commentary; you may also wish to search for words and phrases, or use the index if you know which page you'd like to view.

Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis
An exhibition from the Collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg at the University of Pennsylvania Library includes many samples of pages from books of nobility, hours, devotions, and more.

Digitial Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
This searchable catalogue at the British Library is still growing, but it already includes descriptions of and selected images from 285 manuscripts (with thousands more to come). Several usful tours are also available. Excellent resource.

Illuminating the Renaissance
The British Library offers a nice exhibit of its Flemish manuscripts from the 15th and 16th centuries in timeline form. The "larger images" open up in a separate window; the "full size" images will open in the same window, and are simply splendid.

The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux
Very nice display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art examines the tiny manuscript created by Jean Pucelle in the fourteenth century. The five primary divisions of the prayer book are examined through photographs and enlightening background info.

Life, Death and Miracles of Saint Jerome
A complete set of vivid miniatures from the late 15th- or early 16th-century French book, at Brigham Young University.

Mystere dou jour dou jugement
Dozens of images from the manuscript of the 14th-century mystery play are displayed at Brigham Young University. A plot summary is also provided.

Printing: Renaissance and Reformation
Exhibition at the Thomas Cooper Library for History 101: European Civilization. The eight "islands" present selections of manuscript images, including some illuminations.

The Tyndale New Testament
Some background history on the rare volume at the British Library. Click the graphic for a splendid larger version.

University of Kentucky Special Collections
Dozens of images from color manuscripts of the medieval era with dates and sources. Each blue-outlined image links to a much larger and especially vivid version.

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