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Medieval Japan

Japanese feudal society lasted longer than feudalism in Europe. These directories lead to sites examining Japan's feudal history and other aspects of life there in the Middle Ages.
  1. Japanese Arms (4)
  2. Japanese Art (5)
  3. Japanese People (8)

Ancient Japan
After introductory articles on prehistoric Japan, this site focuses on Japanese history, religion and culture through the Heian period, offering features on Japanese language, music, and literature as well as a glossary, maps, timeline and more. Very well done by Richard Hooker.

Samurai Archives
Timelines, biographies, translations, a glossary, recommended reading and lots of historical info about Japan from the late eighth through mid-nineteenth century. Very well done by Christopher West.

Timeline of Japanese History
A very basic list of events from 10,000 BC to the present, at the Ask Asia site.

Aligning Earth and Sky
Well-referenced exploration into "ancient" Japanese (c. 6th century and later) astronomy in Kinki, Kyoto, Nara and Asuka by Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara.

A History of Kimono
Photographs accompany a little text about the clothing worn by men and women in Japan from the fourth century to the present. By Alex Hou and Anne LaVin at the Hakubi Kimono School.

The Self in Medieval Japanese Buddhism: Focusing on Dogen
Kiyotaka Kimura's extensive and esoteric article from Philosophy East and West looks for valid interpretations of Medieval Japanese Buddhism through an examination of one of its most prominent proponents.

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