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Japanese Art and Architecture

The Art of Japan
From the World Art Treasures site come Japanese sculpture, gardens and temples, most from the medieval era. Little text but wonderful photographs by Jacques-Edouard Berger; click the thumbnail in the left-hand frame for a larger version in the right frame.

The Castles of Japan
A little info on each of lots of Japanese castles with plenty of gorgeous photographs, presented by Takashi Toyooka.

Guide to Japanese Castles
Eric Obershaw presents background info and photos for more than two dozen individual castles, plus general info on the history, structure and defenses of castles in Japan.

Heian Art
Clearly-written overview of Japanese Art during the Heian era, unfortunately unacompanied by pictures, is provided by Nicholas Pioch at the WebMuseum.

So What is a Tsuba?
Very interesting article by Kim Allen on the sword guard for the Japanese katana and tachi, the creation of which evolved into an art form of its own. Be sure to click the in-text links to see samples of tsuba.

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