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Joan of Arc

Also known as Jeanne d'Arc, Joan the Maid, the Maid of Orléans and the Maid of Lorraine, Joan was a simple peasant girl who claimed to hear the voices of saints telling her she must help the Dauphin gain the throne of France.

The Messenger
Is Luc Besson's film about Joan of Arc at all grounded in fact?

The International Joan of Arc Society
Transcripts of Joan's trials, images, animated maps of Joan's journeys, and a moderated email discussion group, maintained and administrated by Professor Bonnie Wheeler at Southern Methodist University.

Joan of Arc Online Archive
Fairly decent background on Joan's early years in Domremy, plus brief pages covering various subjects, including Joan's signature, her standard, some images, a bibliography and a timeline. Created by Allen Williamson

Saint Joan of Arc Center
A biography, FAQ, quotations, filmography, pictorial essay and more from a passionate devotee.

St. Joan of Arc
Extensive article by Herbert Thurston at the Catholic Encyclopedia examines the life, religious conviction, tragic fate and ultimate status of the Maid of Orleans.

Illuminating Lives: Joan of Arc
The brief but engaging story of Joan of Arc as told by Beth Randall.

Hundred Years' War: Joan of Arc and the Siege of Orléans
Extensive examination of Joan, the siege and associated background, by Don O'Reilly at Military History Magazine, online at TheHistoryNet.

Philosophical Dictionary: Joan of Arc
Voltaire's cynical assessment of the Maid, translated by H.I. Woolf and offered online at the Hanover College Department of History.

Letter to the King of England
Online modern English translation of Joan's warning to the king and his troops, at Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook.

Johan Nider: on Joan of Arc
A contemporary chronicle of Joan's fate by a German Inquisitor at Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook.

Saint Joan of Arc's Trials
The Story of Joan's life, achievements and death as attested on oath and set forth in the original documents in her trial of Condemnation, edited by T. Douglas Murray and placed online by Virginia Frohlick at the St. Joan of Arc center. Her trial of Nullification is also accessible from this page.

The Coat of Arms of Jeanne D'Arc
A little background on Joan of Arc accompanies information on the coat of arms granted to her family for her extraordinary service to France. By François Velde at his Heraldica site.

Joan of Arc: An Introductory Bibliography
Helpful listing of print works compiled by Bonnie Wheeler and made available at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.

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