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Knights by Andrea Hopkins

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Knights by Andrea Hopkins

Knights by Andrea Hopkins

The Bottom Line

An enjoyable introduction to the subject in an attractive package makes a fine gift for newcomers to medieval history.
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  • Well-written and easy to absorb
  • Clearly examines both myth and reality
  • Nice production value; attractive maps and images


  • Introductory; may not be in-depth enough for some


  • Broad coverage is highlighted by features on significant people, events and aspects of the times
  • Includes a chronological table and brief bibliography
  • Published by Chartwell Books
  • Hardcover; 191 pages; 0.72 x 11.92 x 9.12 inches
  • ISBN 0785813853

Guide Review - Knights by Andrea Hopkins

In this attractive, enjoyable survey, Andrea Hopkins examines both the historical reality of medieval knights and the romances that influenced them. Chapters cover the origins of knighthood, the growth of romantic literature and its effect on the noble class, the influence of the Church, the knight at war and peace and his decline and survival. Vivid photos of medieval artwork are supplemented with more recent romantic paintings of chivalric scenes. Highlights include features on Charlemagne and William Marshal, Castles, the Tournament at Chauvency and the life of a Templar Knight. An ideal introduction to the topic that will be appreciated by those with a more serious interest for its handsome presentation.
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