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The Knight in History by Frances Gies

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The Knight in History

The Knight in History

The Bottom Line

No better examination of the history of knighthood is available to the general reader.
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  • Thoroughly researched
  • Well-written and comprehensible
  • A good read


  • B&W photos don't do the artwork justice


  • Gies' thorough coverage of many topics is enjoyable and informative
  • Includes maps, illustrations, photos, annotations and an extensive bibliography.
  • Published by Harper & Row
  • Paperback; 8.25 x 5.5 x .75 inches
  • ISBN 0060914130

Guide Review - The Knight in History by Frances Gies

Frances Gies renders a straightforward and enjoyable history of the European knight with her usual clarity and readability. After a frank introduction that addresses the lack of evidence concerning the knight's origins, she surveys knighthood as it evolved through the Crusades, examining the effect of the Church and of romantic literature on the behavior and status of the mounted warrior. To highlight phases of the evolution of knighthood, Gies focuses on such significant individuals as William Marshal and Bertrand du Guesclin as well as on the Templar Knights. Excerpts from primary sources and images of manuscripts and artifacts effectively connect the reader to the past. All in all, another good read from a fine popular historian.
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