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Medieval Health and Medicine

  1. Medieval Dentistry (5)

Medical Misconceptions
Bryon Grigsby takes a fresh view of medieval medicine, discarding modern prejudices and seeking to understand the state of science from a clear perspective within a historical framework.

Medicine and Biology: Ancient Theories, Modern Bodies
Renaissance progression in the field of human health, from the Vatican Library.

Arab Medical Schools during the 12th and 13th centuries
Extensive, scholarly article edited by Professors Maher Abd Al Kader M. Ali and Hamed Abdel-reheem Ead, online at the Alchemmy Virtual Library.

Arabic Influence On the Historical Development of Medicine
A brief survey of the medical contributions made by some of the most prominent people in Arabic Muslim cultural history, prepared by Professor Hamed A. Ead and placed online at the Alchemmy Virtual Library.

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