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Medieval Britain

Focusing primarily on Medieval England, but touching on the other portions of Britain affecting and affected by the English, the sites in these resources and directories offer general British history throughout the Middle Ages.
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  2. Castles in Britain
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  4. British Events (11)
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Medieval England
Extensive series of articles by Steve Muhlberger at the ORB provides a substantial introduction to British history from the presence of the Romans to the Tudor dynasty.

Timeline of British History
This and the next three pages at Britannia Internet Magazine provide concise capsules of info for the years from 402 AD to 1689, lightly hyperlinked to in-depth articles.

Medieval England
Fairly comprehensive overview of English history from the Norman Invasion to the death of Richard III. Part of a larger site on the European Middle Ages by Richard Hooker.

Medieval Britain
Part 5 of Peter N. Williams' Narrative History of England at Britannia Magazine provides an extensive overview of events from the Conquest to Bosworth Field in six pages, and is followed by the 5-page survey, From Reformation to Restoration.

Tudor England
This splendidly-designed site by Lara E. Eakins includes bios of Tudor monarchs, image galleries, info on Tudor architecture and music, maps, a bibliography, a selection of Tudor films, and a mailing list.

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