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St. Andrews, Scotland


St. Andrews was the ecclesiastical center of medieval Scotland. A religious community was founded as early as the 6th century, and in the 8th century the king of the Picts founded a new church dedicated to St. Andrew. The town and the cathedral that would be built there were the object of numerous pilgrimages throughout the Middle Ages.

A municipality was established in the mid-12th century and became one of the largest towns in medieval Scotland. The castle, the ruins of which rise high on a rocky headland, was built in the early 13th century as an episcopal residence. The University of St. Andrews, the oldest in Scotland, was founded in 1411 as St. Mary's College. St. Andrews is also the home of Golf.

Few elements of medieval St. Andrews remain, but you can see some of these extraordinary sites in the photos below.

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Front entrance to the castleSt. Andrews CastleA view of the castle ruins on the rocky headland jutting into St. Andrews BaySt. Andrews Castle by the SeaThe ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral in early morning lightCathedral at DawnEnclosure protecting the church and cemeteryWall of the Cathedral and Priory
Back view of the CathedralCathedral CemeteryGate to the Old MonasteryThe Pends
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