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The Best of the Medieval History Glossary in 2012

The Most Popular Terms in the Medieval History Glossary


Last year, and again this year, I thought it might prove interesting to share which subjects and which individuals in our Who's Who resource drew the most visitors. This year it struck me that folks might also be interested in which terms in the Medieval History Glossary were the most popular.

But, while a "Top Ten" list was suitable for subjects and people, medieval terms were so succinct, so bite-sized, that ten terms didn't seem enough. So here's a list of the Top Twenty Medieval History Glossary Terms of 2012.

20. Almoravids

You may already know that Almoravids were people. But what was their origin? Where did they live? What did they do?

19. Reeve

This term evolved into another term on this list.

18. Hide

I'll bet you can think of at least two definitions for this word. Here's a third.

17. Abbey

Call it a convent, friary, nunnery, monastery, or priory, an abbey was the happening place for monastics in the Middle Ages.

16. Clergy

Think you know who the "clergy" really were? Well, yes, you probably do.

15. Demesne

You might connect this with the lord's "domain"; and it was sort of like that. Sort of.

14. Abbot

You're right: he was in charge of an abbey. But do you know the origin of the term? And what do you think came first? The abbey or the abbot?

13. The Danelaw

It wasn't a law.

12. Sheriff

In the Middle Ages, the sheriff's job wasn't just enforcing the law.

11. Abbasids

They were people, too. Do you know how they differed from Almoravids?
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