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Medieval Military History Timelines

These tables clearly display the development of military technology as well as the progression of events.

Chronological Table of Events: the Teutonic Order
Timeline by Eric Opsahl at the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies covers events related to the Teutonic Order from 1070 to 1500.

Chronology of Crossbows
Fairly thorough timetable of events relating to the weapon, lightly hyperlinked to references, by Brian Jones.

Chronology of the Crusades
Helpful timeline at the SSCLE lists the most significant events from the first call to Crusade in 1095 to the fall of the Hospitallers in Malta.

Chronology of the Longbow
Extensive timeline concerning the particulars of Longbow advancement, thoroughly hyperlinked to references, by Brian Jones.

Hundred Years' War Timeline
Very brief chronology provided by Dr. E. L. Knox provides the key points in politics and warfare during the course of the lengthy war.

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