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Medieval Musical Instruments

These sites focus on the musical instruments used in the middle ages and Renaissance, and the medieval origins of modern instruments.b

The Dulcian
Background, primary sources, and sound samples about the 16th-century predecessor of the bassoon.

Elizabethan Musical Instruments
Two general, illustrated essays are provided: Elizabethan Stringed Instruments by Megan Haynes and Elizabethan Wind and Brass Instruments by Brian Hart.

The Saxon Lyre: History, Construction, and Play
Detailed instructions on how to build a Saxon-era lyre accompany a brief history of the instrument and an examination of how it was played, by Greg Priest-Dorman and Carolyn Priest-Dorman.

A Memento: The Medieval Recorder
Extensive, hyperlinked, annotated exploration of the history of the recorder. Well-done by Nicholas S. Lander.

Peirol's Vielle
Annotated article by Joel Coen supporting the theory that troubadors accompanied their songs with musical instruments.

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