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Online Libraries and Text Collections for Medieval Studies

These online text collections offer primary sources in translation and secondary sources containing substantial information about medieval topics.
  1. General Literature

Index of Electronic Texts
A growing resource of public-domain documents from or about the Middle Ages that you can freely read, print, download and distribute. Provided in straightforward HTML, many with hyperlinked footnotes, here at the Medieval History site.

The Avalon Project: Medieval Documents
At the Yale Law Library, moedern English translations of documents in Law, History and Diplomacy related to the Middle Ages. Also available are sections on ancient, 15th century and 16th-century documents.

The Catholic Encyclopedia
A collection of articles on all time periods from a Catholic perspective, at the New Advent Catholic Website, includes extremely helpful information on religious history through the middle ages.

CARRIE: A Full-Text Electronic Library
A growing selection of online articles and books concerning historical topics, including medieval subjects, at the University of Kansas. Works are not always in the public domain, so please abide by the provisions of Fair Use.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A large collection of Christian literature from many centuries, including works by Milton, Calvin, and Luther, maintained by Harry Plantinga. A must for the study of Church and Reformation history.

The Labyrinth Library
Georgetown University's Labyrinth website offers this collection of Latin, Old English, Middle English, French, Italian and Spanish texts from the middle ages, plus monographs, journals and reviews.

Lectures for A Medieval Survey
Dr. Lynn H. Nelson has placed some essays and lectures from his medieval history survey course online. Friendly and often amusing, they provide a helpful introduction to medieval Europe. Now available at the ORB.

The Library of Iberian Resources Online offers texts concerning Spanish and Portuguese history throughout the Middle Ages provided by the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain. Use the title index to explore topics, or look for a particular author's work.

The Medieval Sourcebook
An extensive on-line resource for primary documents, with links to files at other on-line libraries as well as texts found only at the sourcebook; by Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

The Medievalist
A collection of PDF files, with a little information about each text accompanying the link to each file. Can download to read with Adobe Acrobat Reader or, with the correct plug-in, read online. No information about the website owner is provided.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library
OMACL has some of the most important literary works in Classical and Medieval civilization. It also contains significant historical works like the Anglo Saxon Chronicle.

The On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
The ORB is a cooperative effort by scholars across the net and provides links to medieval and classical texts, original articles, and a search engine for all their files.

The Richard III Society's Online Library
Period texts from the reigns of Edward IV and Richard III of England at the Richard III Society website. Invaluable research tool for Ricardian studies.

The Saint Pachomius Library
An archive of uncopyrighted English translations of early Christian texts, with links to texts at other sites, at the Orthodox Christian Page.

Sources of British History
The rich documentary history of England and Wales, at Britannia Internet Magazine.

TEAMS Middle English Texts
Well-annotated collection of online texts, each with an in-depth introduction, at the Consortium for Teaching the Middle Ages and the University of Rochester.

The University of Virginia's Middle English Collection
Primarily literature and poetry. Half of this is for UVa users only, but there are still over twenty titles available to the general public.

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