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Philosophy and Theology

These directories offer sites that examine philosophical and theological theories and the individuals who contributed them, from the early Middle Ages to the early Modern Age.
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Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy
Useful site by Dr. Paul Vincent Spade at Indiana University includes a collection of downloadable texts, a discussion forum, and email addresses for professionals in the field.

Medieval Philosophy
This and the next five pages provide a thorough overview of the course of philosophy in the Middle Ages, from Augustine and Christian Platonism to Renaissance Thought. Very well done by Garth Kemerling at his Philosophy Pages.

Medieval Philosophy: Introduction
Concise and helpful introduction to Medieval Philosophy and its historical background and context, by R.J. Kilcullen at Macquarie University.

Medieval Proofs for the Existence of God
Excerpts from works by Anselm of Canterbury and Thomas Aquinas, compiled by Anthony Beavers at his Exploring Ancient World Cultures site.

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