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Pope Gregory I Picture Gallery

Images of Pope Saint Gregory I, known as "The Great"


Pope Gregory I was a pious, saintly man who preferred the monastic life, yet achieved great things in his pontificate. Throughout history he has inspired artists both ecclesiastic and secular. This gallery includes manuscript images as well as portraits of how later artists envisioned him.
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Portrait by Antonella da MessinaYouthful GregoryGreco-Byzantine StyleFresco of GregoryPortrait by Meister Theoderich von PragGregory in his Scriptorium17th Century Portrait by Francisco de ZurbaranGregory Reading
From Gregory's "Moralia in Job"Manuscript MiniatureFolio from Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de BerryPope Gregory I Leads a Plague ProcessionManuscript IlluminationGregory Dictating Chantin St. Peter's Basilica, RomeGregory's Tomb

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