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Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry: F

Heraldic Terms from Faillis to Fitchy


Faillis - (fail'-lis) [French.] A fracture in an ordinary, as if it were broken or a splinter taken from it.

Falcon - The Falcon makes its appearance frequently in heraldry. When it is borne with jesses (leather thongs about its legs), a hood and bells, it is said to be "jessed, hooded and belled." When represented as feeding, it is "at prey." The falcon is also known as a gerfalcon, peregrine falcon and tiercelet.

The lure was a bunch of feathers by which the bird was taught to return.

False - Said of a charge when the central area is removed.

Family - Arms of Family. [See under ARMS.]

Feathered - Applied to an arrrow in which the feather is of a different tincture from the shaft.

Fer de cheval - A horseshoe.

Fer de moline - The same as MILLRIND.

Fess - [See FESSE.]

Fesse - (fes) One of the ordinaries. A strip or band placed horizontally across the shield, occupying one-third of the field. Its diminutives are the bar, the barrulet and the closet.

The term fessy is never used.

Fesse Line - The line constituting the fesse.

Fesse Point - The exact center of the shield.

Fesseways - The same as FESSEWISE.

Fessewise - In the shape of a fesse; after the manner of a fesse.

Fetterlock - Sometimes borne as a charge.

    "A fetterlock and a shaklebolt azure - what may that mean?" - Ivanhoe.

Feudal - Feudal Arms. [See under ARMS.]

Fiched - [See FITCHEE.]

Field - The surface of a shield upon which the charges or bearings are blazoned; or, of each separate coat when the shield is quartered or impaled.

Fillet - (fil'-let) A bearing equaling in breadth one-fourth of the chief. It is a narrow strip laid upon the chief, a little above its lower margin. Guillim mentions the fillet as the diminutive of the chief.

Fimbriated - (fim'-bri-a-ted) Ornamented with a narrow border or hem of another tincture.

Fireball - A charge resembling the ancient war instrument of that name, which was an oval-shaped projectile made of canvas and filled with combustible composition.

Fish - Fishes do not appear frequently in heraldry, and are rarely seen in the earlier coats. Among those used are:


[The above are all heraldically fish, irregardless of their position in any other science.]

The fish may be borne natant, horizontal; haurient, vertical; embowed, bent.

Fissure - (fi'-sure) The fourth part of the bend sinister. [See BATON.]

Fitched - [See FITCHEE.]

Fitchee - (fitsh'y) Pointed like a dagger; sharpened at the lower extremity. Fitchee is generally applied to crosses that taper from the center downward. Fitchee at the foot is used when the tapering begins near the bottom of the cross.

Fitchy -[See FITCHEE.]

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