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Quick Reference

These resources provide quick access to facts and figures about people, places, events and aspects of society in medieval times through glossaries, timelines, maps and online libraries.
  1. Medieval History Glossary (236)
  2. Languages (20)
  3. Maps (10)
  4. Online Libraries (18)
  5. Encyclopedias - Collections of Specific and General Information (238)
  6. Quotes (23)
  7. Medieval Timelines, Chronologies and Dynastic Tables (50)
  8. This Date in Medieval History (337)

A Medieval Atlas
From your About Guide, a many-layered directory to maps on the Internet and here at the Medieval History site. Use the graphical directory to find the map you need by region, or look by century or place name. Period maps, topic maps, and city & town maps are also available.

Index of Electronic Texts
A growing resource of public-domain documents from the Middle Ages that you can freely read, print, download and distribute. Provided in straightforward HTML, many with hyperlinked footnotes, here at the Medieval History site.

Who's Who in Medieval History and the Renaissance
This ever-expanding resource offers basic information, useful websites and helpful books, when available, about significant individuals from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The 1911 Encyclopedia
A small but growing selection of articles relating to medieval studies from the 1911 edition of an excellent encyclopedia, provided online here at the Medieval History site. All articles are in the public domain and may be freely copied, downloaded, printed or distributed.

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