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Food and Drink Resources for Reenactors

Mead brewing, feast-planning, cooking from primary sources, and recipes for dishes originating in the Middle Ages.

How to Brew Mead
If you're planning on partying with your Viking friends, a bottle or ten of mead will be heartily welcomed. A brief how-to by your guide.

A Boke of Good Cookery
A wealth of information on medieval cooking, including authentic medieval recipes redacted and adapted for the modern kitchen, by James L. Matterer.

Cariadoc and Elizabeth's Recipes
Searchable site includes original period recipes followed by modern versions. Helpful info by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook.

Cooking from Primary Sources: Some General Comments
Tips about using recipes predating the Renaissance and suggestions for various occasions, by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook. References also included.

Rob Peter to feed Paul: halving feast costs
This article on serving foods in season and utilizing more of the food you've got represents how medieval cooks approached the production of a feast. Well done by Alizaunde of the SCA.

To Make a Feast
Extensive article by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook provides very helpful info to help you orchestrate a large scale medieval feast.

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