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Portraits and Illustrations of England's King Richard I


Renowned for his courage on the battlefield and his chivalry everywhere, King Richard I of England took on a legendary air as one of England's great warrior kings. The images here are presented roughly in chronological order, from Richard's association with his cousin and rival, Philip II of France, to his adventures in Sicily and the Holy Land, to his captivity under Emperor Henry VI, ending with his tomb at Fontevraud.
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Enthroned, with sword in handImage of Richard I from a 12th-Century CodexThe rivals stand side-by-side.Richard I and Philip II in Royal RegaliaAn illustration by Matthew ParisRichard and Joan Greet Philip in SicilyTempers flareRichard and Philip Quarrel in Messina
The conquered citizens submit to the victorsRichard and Philip Receive the Keys to AcreIn Austria and GermanyRichard Held Captive by Henry VIAt FontevraudThe Tomb of Richard the Lionheart

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